We Make Beautiful Games


We create thrilling games

Maloya Games develops games that make people happy. Whether it's personal project or a game to accompany a global marketing campaign, we'll work with you to deliver a polished experience.

  • Global consumer spending for mobile gaming ​is estimated to surpass USD$60 billion in 2019

  • 75% of consumer spending is across iOS and Google Play

  • In 2019, the number of mobile gamers worldwide hit 2.2B

Augmented Reality

We build immersive experiences

We build incredible augmented reality (AR) experiences that delight our clients. Check out some of our work and drop a message if you want to learn more about this cutting-edge technology.

  • The current value of the AR market stands at USD$3.5 billion

  • 70% of consumers believe AR can bring them benefits

  • Augmented reality users fall into the 16-34 age group


We design handy applications

We develop apps to complement your brand and give users access to your services on-the-go.

  • App Store consumer spending is expected to surpass USD$122 billion by the end of 2019

  • Users Will Spend 10 Minutes of Every Hour Consuming Streaming Video on a Mobile Device


We are our people 

Maloya Games works with the best creative and technical talent to create amazing experiences. If you're interested, drop us a message!