It’s a dangerous job but someone’s gotta do it.

Bouncy Cops is a pure action game featuring a set of playable round cops bouncing their way through Asia. Their goal? Bringing to justice all villains such as a mad scientist, a booger launcher, or Internet trolls - amongst others.
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  • Fantastic low polygon 3D design
  • Unique gameplay based on outstanding bouncing physics
  • Unforgettable 80’s music “Miami Vice” style
  • Eye catching character design: Tiger Cop, Durian Cop and Dragon Cop
  • A very wide range of locations to visit across Asia
  • Hamburgers, pizzas, cakes and donuts everywhere!




Dragon, Tiger and Durian Cop by collecting coins from time on the streets. - Use their unique abilities to keep the towns safe!
Unlock incredible new cops
Bouncy Cop's mission is to clean up the streets, catch dangerous culprits, collect cakes and donuts or race the clock to bounce as far as possible.
It’s a dangerous job but someone’s gotta do it.