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Hello from Hong Kong and welcome to the official Maloya Games blog!

We’re a team of developers, coffee addicts and passionate gamers that are building mobile games for iOS and Android. We’re scrappy hustlers who love building things. If you’ve been to Hong Kong before, you understand that the pace never lets up, and neither do we. We’re so pumped to be in Asia’s world-city to access some of the best talent and resources out there!

We officially incorporated Maloya Games Limited in November 2018, and since then have moved very quickly. Our first casual mobile game, Bouncy Cops, launched in January 2019. More to come on Bouncy Cop in my next post. You can download it here:

Right now, we’re already working on our next AR mobile game, prepping to publish another game and planning a few more games later in the year.

I’ll be doing regular posts about the games we’ve released, stories from our studio, exciting experiences in Hong Kong and anything else I feel like writing. Please comment on my posts and reach out if you’re in HK and want to meet for a beer.

See you all soon!

- Team Maloya Games


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